Precongress Courses

Deadline to apply is July 31

Pre-congress satellite course:
“Microscopical approaches to study the nervous system”
25 -28 September 2019
Montevideo, Uruguay

Organizers: PhD Anabel Fernández and MSc Gabriela Casanova

The course proposes an approach to the knowledge of the nervous system through the use of different microscopes (Confocal, Transmission and Scanning electron microscopy). It consists of theoretical classes and practical work. The course is oriented to provide notions of applicability of microscopy for the study and understanding of the nervous system in living cells and fixed tissue.


Instituto de Investigaciones Biológicas Clemente Estable - Av. Italia 3318, Montevideo

Unidad de Microscopía electrónica -Facultad de Ciencias - Iguá 4225, Montevideo

Lectures:  9-12 hs

  • Genesis of neurons and glial cells in adult fish brain (Confocal and electron-microscopy studies)
  • Microscopically approaches in living cells
  • Peripheral nervous system  pathologies
  • Identification of ultrastructural alterations of neural cells in neuropathological conditions.
  • Applications of cryosubstitution techniques for immunoelectron microscopy analysis.

Practical activities: 14-18hs

  • Confocal identification of newborn neurons.
  • Axonal regeneration of the peripheral nervous system
  • Assessing mitochondrial potential in living astrocyte cultures
  • Transmission and scanning electron microscopy of the nervous system.

Local Professors:

  • PhD. Anabel Fernández (IIBCE, Fac. Ciencias - Uruguay)
  • PhD. Ma. Esmeralda Castelló (IIBCE)
  • PhD. Alejandra Kun (IIBCE, Fac. Ciencias - Uruguay)
  • PhD. Silvia Olivera (IIBCE – Uruguay)
  • MSc. Gabriela Casanova (Facultad de Ciencias – Uruguay
  • PhD. Juan Carlos Rosillo (Facultad de Medicina-IIBCE)

Guest Professor

Dr. Cristina Patiño (Centro Nacional de Biotecnología de Madrid)