Rules for abstract submission

Below we present the Rules and instructions for the preparation and submission of abstracts. These are necessary conditions for the abstract to be approved. Please, read carefully and verify that all the requirements have been met.

Late abstract submission is open

Late abstracts will be posters only, not oral presentations


  • The author that presents the abstract must be registered for the congress.  
  • A maximum of two abstracts can be submitted per registration, but only one of those can be proposed for oral presentation.  
  • Abstracts can be submitted in English, Spanish or Portuguese.  
  • The accepted abstracts submitted in English will be published in a special edition of the M&M-Microscopy & MicroAnalysis magazine.
  • The Organizing Committee will consider that all abstracts have been authorized for submission and publication by all the people and institutions that have participated in or financed them.
  • The author that submits the abstract is responsible for any conflict of interest that might arise.
  • One digital certificate per abstract will be issued, which will include all the authors. It will be available for download by the lead author and it can be forwarded to the other authors.
  • The Scientific Committee of the congress will select the abstracts that qualify for oral presentation and for poster presentation, and the ones that do not qualify to be presented at the congress.  



  • The abstract should be a condensed version of your presentation and include all significant findings. Write the text so that readers who are not specialists can appreciate the purpose of the study and understand the procedures and conclusions.
  • The abstracts must include a brief introduction and motivation of the study, including experimental procedures, main results, and conclusions.
  • The content must not exceed 2,000 characters, including spaces and title.  If it exceeds the established limit, the abstract will not be allowed by the system.
  • It will be considered important to emphasize the contributions made by the microscopy techniques that were used.
  • You will be able to include up to 2 (two) images and/or tables in the abstract. These must be attached within the system, in .jpg files. Please, consider that, the less space you use for text, the more space you will have for images, and vice versa.



  1. Abstracts will only be accepted via online, through this website.
  2. The submitting author must register on the website and then access the system using a user and password. Please, make sure you entered your email address correctly.
  3. Follow the instructions that appear on screen in order to access the abstract submission form. Complete every field on the online form and then you will be able to access the system, where you will find the General Rules. By clicking on New Abstract, you will be able to submit the abstract. You can sign in any number of times you need with your user and password, to work on your abstract or modify it, as long as the abstract is still in draft status. Once the abstract is in Final Status, you will not be able to modify it.
  4. When you finish the submission, click on Finish Submission.
  5. After submitting the abstract, you will receive a confirmation email.  
  6. If you do not receive the confirmation email the same day you submitted the abstract, please contact, informing the name of the abstract and the problem. You will be assisted as soon as possible.

On August 8, 2019, the Scientific Committee will inform the authors via email if their abstract has been accepted or not to be presented in the Congress, along with the presentation instructions, if appropriate.

For more information or assistance, please contact